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Why b2b Solutions?

b2b Solutions is the premier c-store consulting organization. Our team of c-store consultants has over 500 years of real world, cross-functional expertise. We have the capability and resources to provide solutions to help retailers and suppliers develop, and successfully accomplish, their goals in the c-store retailing / petroleum marketing channel.

The c-store industry is in rapid transition and change. The dynamics of this competitive environment and other continued growth of convenience as an attribute in retail channels, such as supermarkets, discount, dollar, and drug stores, dictate an atmosphere of nonstop upgrading in all areas of the business.

Convenience retailing is no longer a "build it and they will come" business. Today's retailers find it necessary to access resources that can assist them with the complex challenges they face. They must occupy the best location, offer an increasing array of services, embrace technology, and determine the key drivers to attract a more demanding consumer.

Consolidations and mergers are continuing to sweep the industry. The big are getting bigger. Capital is again available for the strong operators, adding more momentum to facilitate the change. b2b Solutions provides c-store retailers the resources necessary to achieve success.

Industry suppliers must understand the impact of these changes upon their business in order to expand their relationship to the industry. They must be able to provide solutions to retailers that enhance their business and offer a win-win to both parties. b2b Solutions team of c-store consultants have held significant positions within the retailer and supplier communities. We know what it takes for suppliers to succeed in this channel.

Additionally, b2b Solutions is unique in its ability to engage additional key resources (independents or consulting companies) as projects dictate, thus providing the correct knowledge base for each particular project. Our approach to c-store consulting offers a far stronger set of resources and expertise than any individual consulting organization.

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