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Business Evaluations

The b2b Solutions team has completed evaluations of over 5,200 sites across the U.S. in the c-store industry. This includes over 20 chains ranging in size from 20 sites to some of the largest chains in the industry with over a dozen chains of 100 locations or more. Some examples include:

These evaluations were used by management to determine a strategic course of action, by both buyers and sellers to determine market value, and by companies seeking to recapitalize their businesses including sale-leaseback. This also included working with companies to determine the impact of selling location by location or the company in total. Their operations have included, but not been limited to, the following:

These evaluations were built on top down and bottom up store by stores bases. The items considered by the b2b Solutions team included, but were not limited to, the following:

b2b Solutions c-store evaluation team is headed by Avry Davidovich, Ph.D. He has over 30 years experience in the c-store industry including being CEO of a publicly traded company.

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