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Branded Foodservice

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Given the current economics of the c-store industry, many owners have been forced to explore other sources of income to survive. Foodservice is a viable option for many of these owners, with the hope of ancillary sales and 65% gross margins.

Many c-store companies have determined that they do not have the internal skills sets to develop, implement and successfully operate proprietary foodservice concepts. With that in mind, they seek alternatives one of which is branded food service.

However, this approach is not without risk. Approximately two out of every four marketers drop the category within three years. Most alarming about these closures is that experienced professional restaurant people operate these traditional Quick Serve Restaurants.

The b2b Solutions team has over 25 combined years of expertise in the establishment and operation of food service businesses, both in standalone and convenience store operations. (Click here to see Dean Dirks' Business History). Our services are tailored for clients considering opening a new food service operation and those already operating a food service business. Services include:

Consulting For New Food Operations:

Consulting For Existing Food Service Operations:

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