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Retailer Services Overview

b2b Solutions, consulting, c-storeThe convenience / retail petroleum industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The era of "build it and they will come" is over. Today's c-store retailers must understand how to position their c-stores. They need to identify their targeted customers, understand their customers' need states and be able to differentiate their offer from others in their customers' consideration set.

b2b Solutions knows that yesterday's solutions don't work with today's problems. We provide our clients a team of c-store consultants who have a combination of cross-functional expertise and over 500 years of real world experience specific to this channel of trade.

Our individual areas of proficiency include strategic planning, information systems, operations, loss prevention, marketing, market research, human resources, and foodservice. These skills were developed in a variety of environments ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to large corporate entities.

b2b Solutions has learned that there are five critical success factors for any retail business. They are:

We are well positioned to assist existing or start-up firms with each of these success factors. b2b Solutions unique approach offers a far stronger set of resources and expertise than any individual consulting organization.

Contact us to learn how our experience can help drive your results.