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Retailers Featured Services

Operational Assessment:

Many c-store retailers contact b2b Solutions because the desired goals are not being obtained. Everyone in the organization is working hard, but the returns are not reflective the effort put forth. b2b Solutions Operational Assessment ("OA") process is designed to help determine ways to improve results.

Primary Distributor Evaluation:

The selection of a primary distributor is critical to the success of a convenience retailer. No other supplier will provide more products for more categories. b2b Solutions team brings a proven methodology to assist retailers in making the correct decision for their company.

Loss Prevention Services

The role of protecting a c-store's assets is often a difficult balance. Inventory shrink and cash shortages seem to come with the territory. However, how do you maximize the selling opportunity while at the same time protecting profits? b2b Solutions c-store consulting team has the answers!

Beer Category Assessment:

The beer category can generate significant sales and profits for c-store retailers. In its 2012 State of the Industry Report, the National Association of Convenience Stores stated beer sales averaged $185,016 and produced $34,716 in gross margin. b2b Solutions  is often contacted by retailers when they are not achieving this type results and are not sure why. In many of these cases we have found that performing a Beer Category Assessment ("BCA") is the best course of action.

Foodservice Assessment

Many c-store retailers had added foodservice to their c-stores only to see it not yield the sales and profits that they anticipated. In its 2012 State of the Industry Report, the National Association of Convenience Stores stated food service sales averaged $266,712 generating a gross margin $145, 344. They are unsure of why it is not working the way it's supposed to. b2b Solutions Foodservice Assessment process can help determine if they are on the road to strategy or tragedy.

Tobacco Category Assessment:

The tobacco category can generate very significant sales and profits for convenience retailers. In its 2012 State of the Industry Report, the National Association of Convenience Stores stated tobacco sales (cigarettes and other tobacco) averaged $695,616 and generated $113,268 in gross margin. Unfortunately many retailers are not prepared to maximize these categories potential. b2b Solutions Tobacco Category Assessment ("TCA") process analyzes the current results, reviews existing contracts, strategies and positioning. Our specialists will come on site, evaluate current practices, and document our recommendations to improve your results.

Marketing/Merchandising Plans

It has been said that "If you have no plan for where you are going, any road will take you there." Unfortunately, b2b Solutions knows many c-store retailers today are so busy taking care of their current issues that they don't have time to plan for the future. We also know that having a solid marketing plan is the foundation to achieving sales and gross margin goals. b2b Solutions c-store consultants can develop a custom marketing plan for your company.

Business Planning

Many retailers have a clearly defined, documented business plan and the associated strategies necessary to achieve excellence. In other cases, the business plan is in the individual minds of their executive staff and it is neither consistent nor clearly communicated to everyone in the company. This often results in an uncoordinated business focus where everyone is working hard, but the company's progress is not consistent with the effort. b2b Solutions c-store consulting team can develop a custom marketing plan for your company.

Industry Education

In many cases both retailers and suppliers find that they need to provide new and existing employees with information regarding the industry. This can include general information on the industry's structure, the issues facing the industry, the industry trends or very specific information on a certain topic such as foodservice.