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Market Research:

b2b Solutions team of c-store consultants has provided its clients both quantative and qualitative research on the industry’s ultimate consumers and its c-store retailers. Our research has included consumer decision tree and pricing strategies, c-store retailer attitudinal benchmarking studies, and key contact perceptional studies. Formats utilized include internet based studies, consumer intercepts, and telephone interviews.

Validation Study:

Retailers continue to move to more and more fact-based decision making. At the same time, they remain skeptical of research conducted by manufacturers and service providers. b2b Solutions offers a methodology to conduct the research and document the findings by an independent third party. Once the study is concluded, b2b Solutions also offers that same benefit when presenting the results at various trade meetings and in the trade press.

Industry Education:

In many cases both retailers and suppliers find that they need to provide new and existing employees with information regarding the industry. This can include general information on the industry's structure, the issues facing the industry, the industry trends or very specific information on a certain topic such as foodservice.

Advisory Boards:

The convenience retail / petroleum marketing industry is in a period of rapid transition and change. Its suppliers must understand the impact of these changes to their business in order to expand their business relationships to the industry. They have to be able to provide solutions to retailers that enhance their business and offer a win-win to all parties. To do that they must have quality time with retailers in settings that promote meaningful dialogue.

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