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Consumer Research

  • Foot Traffic Report Q3 2018

    GasBuddy examined more than 20 million consumer visits to fuel and convenience retailers between July 1 and September 30, 2018. This data provides actionable insights into consumer behavior and the factors that influence foot traffic.

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  • Foot Traffic Report 2018 Year in Review

    GasBuddy examined more than 101 million consumer visits to fuel and convenience retailers in 2018. This data provides actionable insights into consumer behavior and the factors that influence foot traffic.

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  • Time To Shop

    This NACS research provides consumer insights on how convenience stores deliver quick shopping experiences. It includes how consumers shop at convenience stores, how they define value, and trends that could impact the future definition of convenience.

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  • What Consumers Want From Convenience Stores Today: Part 1

    C-Store News published this article based on AlixPartners’ Convenience Store Consumer Study of over 1,000 adult c-store customers across the U.S. It includes key findings on how c-store customers view the industry’s foodservice offers, and loyalty.

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  • What Consumers Want From Convenience Stores Today: Part 2

    This article continues to dive into the AlixPartners’ Convenience Store Consumer Study for information on what is important to the industry’s customers. C-store customers ranked different convenience store programs. It lists a number of conclusions on both opportunities and challenges for c-stores.

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  • Gas Buddy’s Fuel & Convenience Report Card – Q1 2019

    Fuel and Convenience Store Quality Rankings in Cleanliness, Coffee, Customer Service, Outdoor Lighting, Restrooms, and Overall Experience. Retailers can use this information to guide their decisions on how to improve their customer shopping experience.

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  • Gas Buddy’s Fuel & Convenience Report Card – Q2 2019

    GasBuddy examined more than 2 million ratings and reviews submitted in the GasBuddy app from April 1 - June 30, 2019, focusing on the overall experience category. It also include segmentations data for the following cleanliness, coffee, customer service, outdoor lighting, restrooms, and overall experience.

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  • Getting to the Core: The Shopping Preferences of Men vs. Women

    C-Store News sister company EIQ Research Solutions surveyed over 1,000 c-store shoppers to determine the plus and minus of store types across different demographics. The results demonstrate the convenience / retail petroleum industry needs to work harder at attracting female shoppers.

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  • Embracing Modern Convenience: Responding to Shopper Needs

    This NACS/Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council (CCRRC) engaged the Hartman Group, Inc. to undertake a study to understand the changing needs states of the convenience store shopper. The research contains an in-depth look at the current state of the industry, how to retain its current relevance, and implications for the future of c-stores.

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  • What Does ‘Convenience’ Really Mean to Today’s C-store Shoppers?

    C-Store News conducted research to determine how convenience is defined by the convenience industry’s customers in its 2019 Convenience Store News Realities of the Aisle consumer study. It contains information on shopper frequency and why the respondents shop a particular c-store or c-stores.

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  • 9 Habits of Gas-Buying Customers

    40 million Americans purchase gas every day. This NACS Consumer Fuels Survey captured information from 1,101 fuels consumers nationwide over the period of January 17-23, 2019. This report includes information on 9 of their habits surrounding a fuels purchase.

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  • From Canopy to Store: How to Turn Fuel Customers into Store Customers

    This report from Gas Buddy addresses how to increase the conversion rate from fuel only customers to fuel and store customers. The report highlights issues that prevent fuel customer from making store purchases. It also contains information on strategies and promotions that help convert fuel-only customers and drive incremental visits from those who already visit the convenience store.

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  • The State of Gas Station Restrooms | 2019

    This Gas Buddy report discusses the important c-store/gas station restrooms. It leverages insights from the ratings, reviews, and behaviors of their more than 12 million active monthly users. It includes facts about the importance of restrooms on c-store customer behavior.

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  • Consumer Behavior at the Pump

    This NACS report covers the how, when, and where c-store consumers purchase fuel. It reports on overall driving habits, gas-buying behavior, and opportunities for retailers to change consumer behavior. It reports on a number of key insights, driving habits, gas buying behavior and how that behavior is changing.

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  • So You Want To Sell Fresh Food!

    This article by John Schaninger, b2b Solutions Consulting Partner asks and answers the question to you need to sell fresh food to you customers. Outlines a number of steps you need to take as part of the decision-making process. These include how to begin, determine what categories you might want to focus one, how to assess your capabilities and commitment, and many more.

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  • Coffee In Convenience

    This presentation by John Schaninger, b2b Solutions Consulting Partner, includes information on the importance of beverages as part of a convenience store’s foodservice offer. Included is information on what today’s c-store customers want included in a beverage offer with an in-depth look at hot, cold coffee.

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  • Study Reals Gas Station “Eating” into $250B Quick Serve Restaurant Market Share

    Gas Buddy conducted a research study to determine how, why, and where convenience store foodservice is gaining on QSRs. This report highlights their findings.

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  • FDA Menu Labeling Fact Sheet

    The FDA issued a Fact Sheet regarding the new menu labeling requirements going forward. The three-page PDF contains links to a number of documents including Small Entity Compliance guide and Menu Labeling Rules.

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  • Menu Labeling Training Module

    The FDA developed an education module to help retailers understand the menu labeling requirements. It describes what type of establishments and foods are covered by the regulations.

    Menu Training Module

Industry Metrics

  • Top 202 Convenience Stores in 2019

    CSP and Technomics develop a comprehensive list of the top 202 c-store chains based on December 31, 20198 data. The report indicates the chains 2019 and 2018 ranking and the number of stores it currently has.

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  • Current Trends and What’s Ahead in the Beverage /Tobacco Industry

    Bonnie Herzog. Senior Analyst with Wells Fargo recently presented an in-depth look at over-arching c-store data and trends and an in-depth look at beverage and tobacco at the Georgia Association of Convenience Stores. Topics included, but were not limets to the following:
    - Recent C-Store Data & Trends
    - Factors Weighing On C-Store Profitability
    - The Important Relationship Between Bevs, Tobacco & C-Stores
    - Takeaways From Wells Fargo’s Recent C-Store Beverage Retailer Surveys
    - JUUL Leads E-Cigs/Vapor Renaissance

    For a copy of the presentation contact Bonnie Herzog
  • Nielsen Restates C-Store Data

    Material Improvement Across Tobacco & Bevs in volume trends for Cigarettes and Energy Drinks. The restatement indicates volume “ growth for C-store heavy categories is materially higher (+300bps or more in some cases) than previously reported”

    For a copy of the PDF contact Bonnie Herzog
  • NACS Category Definitions Guide

    NACS Research Committee has established a guide for the classification of the goods and services within the convenience / retail petroleum industry. This standard categorization method allows the c-store industry’s retailers and suppliers to have a meaningful benchmarking system.

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  • C-Store News Industry Report 19

    This report does a deep dive into the industry metrics reported in its 44th annual Convenience Store News Industry Report. It notes the numbers reported indicates some trends are not so rosy when you take a deeper look.

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  • C-Store News Top 100 C-Store Retailers Report

    This report ranks the top 100 c-store chains in the U.S. It includes the chain’s name, average all commodity volume, total store count, the number of company operated stores, the number of franchise/licensee stores, and the primary store names.

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    TrendSource surveyed 2,1073 respondents about their preferences, priorities, and pain points when it comes to convenience store shopping. Their input was segmented for gender, generation, community (rural, urban, suburban), and frequency of visits.

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  • Attract the CBD Consumer

    C-Store News article discusses who are the biggest customers of CBD products currently. It addresses the changes likely to occur when the FDA rules on the regulation of CDB in food and beverages.

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  • Packaged Beverage Study

    GasBuddy research reviewed the majority of customer prefer quenching their thirst at convenience stores and do so at lest once a week. This study highlights the difference between age groups for store preference for packaged beverages, their loyalty to packaged beverage brands and the importance of coupons and/or deals on their purchase decision.

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  • The CBD Consumer Experience, Part One

    High Yield Insights has developed an in-depth report on CBD. It provides a comprehensive and in-depth study into the CBD consumer’s motivations, usage, and attitudes as it relates to CBD-only and other products, including cannabis with THC.

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  • Financing and Merger & Acquisition Activity in Today's Dynamic Market

    This presentation was given by NRC Reality and Capital Advisors at the Southeast Petro-Food Marketing Exposition. It includes factors that influence both gasoline supply and rack to retail margins, industry pressures and challenges, retailer financing options, and the economics of M&A transactions.

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Social Media

  • The Ten Tenets of Social Media

    This article by John Schaninger, b2b Solutions Consulting Partner, highlights 10 things a c-store retailer should do to create engagement with their customers.

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