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Casino with One C-store

  • Project Highlights

    • Client: Casino with One C-Store

    • Project category: Operational Assessment

    Project Overview

    b2b Solutions conducted an Operational Assessment for a casino who operated a c-store and a liquor store in the same building. We were initially contacted by casino management who had concerns about the lack and poor quality of the information they were receiving. The location was charged with two roles within the organization. The first was to be standalone profit centers, and the second was to support the casino’s operation. Assigned to the project were two members of b2b Solutions c-store consulting team.

    Actions by Our C-Store Consultants Included

    • The lack of accurate information limited b2b Solutions ability to conduct any in-depth analysis of either businesses’ historic information.

    • Conducted an analysis of the information we were provided. Analyzed the site’s P&L’s including sales, margins, shrink, and recommended changes in processes and calculation methodology.

    • Two of our c-store consultants met with Casino’s management Team to review and confirm the initial analysis’ findings.

    • Charted the category margins variation month by month.

    • Evaluated store’s exterior and interior, including product placement and provided recommendations to address issues found.

    • Examined the current non-industry standard information systems and their applicability for c-store operations.

    • Reviewed the reports being generated and how they were being utilized by the store’s management.

    • Determined issues within accounting processes.

    • Toured the location and documented our findings regarding store and category. layouts, shopper standards, merchandising, and store operational practices.

    • Evaluated current marketing practices including all elements of category management. This resulted in numerous recommended changes.

    • Benchmarked the individual location’s sales and margin results by category against industry standards.

    Deliverables Included

    • Suggested changes to location’s interior layout.

    • Presented changes in the customer communication strategy and tactics.

    • Recommended transitioning to industry standard software for the c-store.

    • Suggested changes in the accounting processes for the c-store.

    • Devised a recommended P&L format.

    • Supplied a list of suggested Key Performance Indicators.

    • Provided sample format to conduct price checks.

    • Produced a list of recommended categories.

    • Supplied industry gross margins by the recommended categories.

    • Provided a list of category roles, strategies, and tactics.

    • Drafted a custom marketing planning process.

    • Supplied a set of merchandising guidelines to address the issues found at store level.

    • Documented our findings and recommendations in a report for the company.

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