Florida Retailer Case Study

  • Project Highlights

    • Client: Florida Retailer

    • Project category: Primary Distributor Contract Evaluation

    Project Overview

    b2b Solutions was contacted by a Florida retailer who was seeking to evaluate several alternative primary distributors for their chain. Concerned that they did not have the internal expertise to conduct a Request for Proposal they engaged our team of c-store experts.

    Actions by Our C-Store Consultants Included

    • Discussed with retailer what they like and don’t like about their current distributor.

    • Worked with the retailer to determine what are the key decision factors for the selection of a primary distributor.

    • Discussed with the retailer their desire to be presented with three, and five, year contract proposals.

    • Secured agreement on the elements to be included in the competitive set matrix.

    • Held an initial conversation with each of the two potential primary distributors selected by the retailer.

    • Provided the distributors our primary distributor questionnaire and the retailer’s historic purchase minus any pricing information.

    • Supplied distributors with the retailer’s store list and delivery frequency.

    • Requested initial proposals to include proposed pricing and their completion of the competitive set matrix from both distributors.

    • b2b Solutions c-store consultants analyzed the initial proposals and respondents’ market baskets. This included developing a common market basket for all participants with exact SKU matching.

    • Verified the participants’ responses to our competitive set matrix.

    • Determined if a lower cost was achievable with either distributor.

    • Arranged on-site meetings with the distributor and retailer.

    Deliverables Included

    • Provided updates throughout the RFP/Distributor Evaluation process.

    • Presented a competive set matrix based on our questionnaire containing the replies of both distributors.

    • Developed a summary of annualized cost for the market basket in the agreed upon categories of cigarettes, OTP, and all other goods based on three, or five, year contracts.

    • Verified and documented both hard cost differences and potential soft savings for each of the participating distributors and provided it to the retailer.

    • Invited the distributors to a face to face meeting with the retailer.

    • Notified the distributors of the retailer’s decision.

    b2b Solutions also offers evaluation services for distributors and suppliers.

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