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Fresh Coffee Program Development

  • Project Highlights

    • Client: A 6-Store Retail Chain

    • Project category: Foodservice, Coffee Program Development

    Project Overview

    b2b Solutions works with chains to assist in the development of their fresh coffee program offer. Projects typically include the integration of coffee presentation into new store design, equipment layout and planogram recommendations. The scope can also include coffee specifications, menu and supplier recommendations.

    The AM Daypart has historically been a strong meal occasion for the industry and b2b Solutions believes that “If you own the Morning, you own the Day”. C-stores’ recent growth in the coffee category brings it to over a 20% share of the restaurant coffee industry.

    Due to the size of the prize for independent retailers, it is imperative to optimize your customers’ coffee experience.

    Actions by Our C-Store Consultants Included

    In a recent project, b2b Solutions recommended the following actions to reinvent a six store chain’s Hot Beverage business:

    • Reposition the coffee offer to target key demographics in the market

    • Relocation of the department for maximum visibility and traffic

    • Relocation of the condiments to expand the queuing space, and when combined with several pouring stations, provide for support of six to seven customers at once

    • Redesign of the space to allow for an improved flow and easy product access

    • Introduction of a Grab and Go product presentation patterned after Starbucks and fast casual restaurants to create additional impulse sales

    • After extensive equipment research, equipment specifications were provided to ensure flexibility as the business grows

    • Supplier reviews were conducted to provide a great cup of coffee for the targeted customer

    Deliverables Included

    Our review of the coffee category helps ensure a customer experience that exceeds their expectation with:

    • Product and positioning that fits

    • The right supplier selected

    • Best practice brewing methods implemented

    • A presentation to grow the business

    Learn how b2b Solutions can help you grow your business profitably.

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