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North East Retailer with 50+ Locations

  • Project Highlights

    • Client: North East Retailer with 50+ Locations

    • Project category: Operational Assessment

    Project Overview

    b2b Solutions was contacted by the Board of a Northeast c-store company that operated over 50 stores,  including company operated and franchised locations. The company was facing a decision on its future path and was seeking outside assessment of current state and future alternatives. b2b Solutions appointed b2b Solutions c-store consultants to work with the company’s board and senior management.

    Actions by Our C-Store Consultants Included

    • Conducted an analysis of the information we were provided including sales, margins, shrink.

    • Benchmarked our findings against key industry performance indicators.

    • Two of our c-store consultants met with Board to review and confirm the initial results of our analysis.

    • Visited a representative sample of company operated locations selected by the company based on fuel and store volumes, rural, suburban, and urban locations to determine current operational processes and practices.

    • Toured a limited number of franchise locations and participated in a meeting with a multi-franchise operator.

    • Evaluated the stores’ exteriors and interiors for capex needed.

    • Assessed the store’s layout and category placement.

    • Documented our findings regarding store and category layouts, shopper standards, merchandising, and store operational practices.

    • Toured the company’s training center, met with its staff and reviewed its training materials.

    • Reviewed the reports being generated and how they were being utilized by the management.

    • Conducted structured interviews with each member of the company’s senior management team.

    • Evaluated the current marketing efforts.

    • Met with director of finance and the administrator of the information technologies team.

    • Evaluated current marketing practices including all elements of category management. This resulted in numerous recommended changes.

    • Benchmarked the individual locations and chain’s sales and margin results by category against industry standards.

    • Supplied a set of merchandising guidelines to address the issues found at store level.

    • Documented our findings and recommendations in a report for the company.

    Deliverables Included

    • Developed an Executive Summary for company’s board of directors including:

    • Strategic alternatives for company’s future.

    • Analysis of current organizational structure and recommended changes.

    • Provided our executive interview methodology.

    • Recommended changes in company’s franchise program.

    • Documented our detailed foodservice assessment and recommended changes in the current foodservice menu and processes.

    • Provided a profit map assessing activities cost, value, and difficulty.

    • Recommended changes in the job functions of several senior management functions.

    • Documented areas that required capex to meet industry standards.

    • Provided a list of suggested key performance indicators.

    • Recommended that several internal initiatives be terminated to allow concentration on those that directly impacted sales, margins, and profits.

    • Supplied potential job descriptions for non-store personnel.

    • Recommended changes in the appraisal process.

    • Provided detailed report of the issues we found and recommended action steps.

    • Conducted correlation analysis on chain and site basis for fuel gallons, store and category sales, and labor cost.

    • Suggested changes in their internal audit processes.

    • Drafted a customized marketing planning process.

    • Provided pricing guidelines.

    • Outlined a customer communication strategy and supporting tactics.

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