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Operational Assessment for City Economic Development Department

  • Project Highlights

    • Client: City Economic Development Department

    • Project category: Retailer Solutions , Operational Assessments

    Project Overview

    b2b Solutions’ Operational Assessment process is customized to meet the needs of each client. It consists of three phases.  Phase One is an off-site analysis of the client’s data. This begins with an analysis of their P&L and can include a very complete data set depending on the size of the company and the availability of the information available. Phase Two involves meeting on-site with members of the management team, touring their sites, and potentially that of their competitors. Phase Three is the development of a report of our findings and action steps we recommend. The level of detailed involved varies with the client’s needs.

    b2b Solutions worked with a city’s Economic Development department to provide information to the city and selected c-stores within its borders on how to improve their appearance and performance. The city selected four locations to participate in the project.  Each was individually owned and operated.


    • Assessed the exterior and interior images of the locations and provided a number of easy to do and low cost alternatives.

    • Evaluated store layouts and provided alternatives to allow improved traffic patterns and more efficient queuing. This included several safety issues.

    • Provided alternative category layouts to improve category adjacencies and space to estimated sales allocation.

    • Reviewed product sourcing and offered alternatives to lower the total cost of acquisition.

    • Examined current product selection and inventory levels and recommended changes in SKUS being carried and the investment in categories and individual items.

    • Shared product planogram examples include top selling items by category in the market.

    • Provided pricing and margins guidelines by category.


    • Discussed and documented alternative positioning.