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Operational Assessment for Operator of Multiple Truck Stops

  • Project Highlights

    • Client: Multiple Truck Stop Operator

    • Project category: Operational Assessment

    Project Overview

    b2b Solutions was originally contacted by an operator of multiple truck stops regarding an Operational Assessment. He then decided to utilize the services of a local consultant. However, six months later he engaged b2b Solutions because the locations were still unprofitable. Assigned to the project were two members of b2b Solutions c-store consulting team.

    Actions by Our C-Store Consultants Included

    • Analyzed the sites’ and corporate P&L including sales, margins, shrink and recommended changes in the chart of accounts, report format and information being conveyed.

    • Conducted a gap analysis on the performance of each location and produced a number of monthly trend charts for each location for fuel gallons and key categories’ sales and gross margin dollars generated.

    • Investigated the current information systems and recommended changes including, but not limited to, ensuring the same account numbers and terminology for an account was used at each site.

    • Reviewed the reports being generated and how they were and/or were not being utilized by the management.

    • Examined the chain’s facilities (exterior and interior including those dedicated for trucker’s use) and equipment on a site by site basis. Recommended numerous changes.

    • Toured the locations and documented our findings regarding store and category layouts, shopper standards, merchandising, and store operational practices.

    • Benchmarked the truck stops and company’s sales and margin results by category against industry standards.

    • Evaluated the organization structure and the skill sets of its truck stop personnel.

    • Recommended a formalization of its marketing and merchandising functions on an internal or external basis.

    • Reviewed store level ordering process and recommended increasing inventory levels.

    • Investigated current foodservice offer including foodservice beverages, image, menu and product development, food safety, profitability, and supply chain. Developed action plan to address the issues.

    • Reviewed existing supply chain and recommended changes.

    Deliverables Included

    • Recommended changes in the accounting processes for foodservice to improve reporting accuracy.

    • Completed a detailed checklist comparing the sites against best in class in 14 areas.

    • Documented our findings and recommendations in a report for the company.

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