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Operational Due Diligence – Leading to Purchase

  • Project Highlights

    • Client: Private Equity Fund

    • Project category: Operational Due Diligence

    Project Overview

    A private equity fund was investigating purchasing a c-store company that included a jobbership and number of company sites and dealer sites. This was the first of a planned series of acquisitions that met their investment criteria. Post-acquisition the company would install its own leadership team with selected members of the existing staff being retained. b2b Solutions selected two senior members of c-store consulting team for the project.

    Actions by Our C-Store Consultants Included

    • Evaluated the company’s current informal marketing strategy and positioning.

    • Analyzed its historic results and benchmarked them against a variety of metrics.

    • Reviewed the company’s current organizational structure and personnel.

    • Conducted a review of existing compensation including bonus formulas and provided compensation benchmarks.

    • Examined its existing jobber contract.

    • Evaluated its foodservice operations, results, and strategy.

    • Benchmarked its current facilities (exterior and interior), operations and marketing against industry standards and best practices.

    • Provided examples of low cost improvements to the facilities, and marketing actions that could be taken to improve results.

    • Reviewed existing information systems including applicability and scalability.

    • Conducted a risk assessment and provided a number of go forward issues/concerns.

    Deliverables Included

    • Provided a report designed for a non-industry knowledgeable client including a number of informational attachments.

    • Developed an Executive Summary for the investment committee’s review.

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