Private Equity Fund

  • Project Highlights

    • Client: Private Equity Fund

    • Project category: Potential Investment Analysis

    Project Overview

    A private equity fund was investigating participation in an investment led by another fund. Post-acquisition the lead fund would merge those assets into its existing c-store company. b2b Solutions assigned three members of its c-store consulting team to work with the fund’s management.

    Actions by Our C-Store Consultants Included

    • Reviewed investor presentation prepared by lead fund.

    • Analyzed the information it contained.

    • Reviewed and analyzed numerous other documents provided by target company and/or lead investor.

    • Benchmarked data provided against a variety of industry metrics.

    • Conducted a risk assessment and provided a detailed list of go forward issues/concerns.

    • Analyzed the combined company’s synergy assumptions.

    • Reviewed the proposed combined company’s organizational structure and personnel.

    • Conducted a review of existing compensation of the target company and provided compensation benchmarks.

    • b2b Solutions c-store consultant conducted on-site inspections of 52 of target company’s locations.

    • Benchmarked target company’s current facilities (exterior and interior), operations, customer communications, merchandising, and marketing against industry standards and best practices.

    Deliverables Included

    • Participated in almost daily conference calls regarding elements of the project.

    • Submitted numerous ongoing written reports of our findings/analysis during the project.

    • Submitted analysis of proposed revenue and overhead labor synergies.

    • Developed fuel / merchandise correlation for all target company’s locations.

    • Provided an analysis of the merchandise and fuel revenue stream by operating unit.

    • Submitted EBITDA Analysis.

    • Met and worked with members of investment management team to discuss our findings.

    • Provided a final report summarizing our analysis including a limited number of photos showing examples what we found at the sites visited.

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