c-store case studies

Operational Assessment Case Studies

Operational Assessment Case Studies

b2b Solutions Operational Assessment are one of our most popular consulting services. It is designed to improve the profitability of c-store retailers. Our c-store consultants analyze the retailer’s operations, marketing, merchandising, customer communication, and the back of the house functions that support them. Each Operational Assessment is customized to meet the needs of that client with a focus on the areas they have identified as problematic.

Our consulting process consist of three phases. Phase One is an off-site analysis of the client’s data. This begins with an analysis of their c-store P&L and can include a very complete data set depending on the size of the company and the availability of the information available. This may include marketing and operational plans, and other information utilized to govern their operation, category sales and margins, and other reports used to manage the business. 

Phase Two involves meeting on-site with members of the management team, touring their sites.  This includes evaluating the exterior and interior of the location including its condition, layout, cleanness, talking with customers and store employees. It also includes visiting their key competitors. 

Phase Three is the development of a comprehensive report of our findings and action steps we recommend. The level of detail involved varies with the client’s needs. The reports typically run between 60 and 100 pages resulting in a comprehensive “Road Map” to increased profitability.

Casino with One C-store

b2b Solutions conducted an Operational Assessment for a casino who operated a c-store and a liquor store in the same building. We were initially contacted by casino management who had concerns about the lack and poor quality of the information they were receiving. The location was charged with two roles within the organization. The first was to be standalone profit centers, and the second was to support the casino’s operation.

sugar plantation

Sugar Plantation with One Location

b2b Solutions was contacted by a Company that owns several businesses including a sugar plantation and refinery with an onsite c-store. Its role was to provide the hundreds of seasonal workers and local community a place to purchase typical c-store items, made on premise fresh foodservice items, and fuel.

North East Retailer with 50+ Locations

b2b Solutions was contacted by the Board of a Northeast c-store company that operated over 50 stores, including company operated and franchised locations. The company was facing a decision on its future path and was seeking outside assessment of current state and future alternatives.

small retail operational assessment

Small Retailer

b2b Solutions conducted an Operational Assessment for a twenty store chain faced with declining year over year traffic, fuel gallons, and inside sales, along with inside gross profits below industry benchmarks. Additionally, high turnover rates impacted store staffing and operational execution.

Operational Assessment for City Economic Development Department

Operational Assessment for City Economic Development Department

b2b Solutions worked with a city’s Economic Development department to provide information to the city and selected c-stores within its borders on how to improve their appearance and performance. The city selected four locations to participate in the project.  Each was individually owned and operated.

c-store case studies

Operational Assessment of Small Retail Chain

b2b Solutions conducted an Operational Assessment for a small chain who was faced with a new well known best in class competitor who had recently opened across the street from one of its larger locations.

c-store consulting by b2b Solutions LLC

Operational Assessment for Single Site Retailer

b2b Solutions was contacted by a single site operator who had relocated from a small neighborhood location to a new large c-store on a local commuter route. Unfortunately, while the move resulted in increased volume, the bottom line was not meeting expectations.

Operational Assessment for Operator of Multiple Truck Stops

Operational Assessment for Operator of Multiple Truck Stops

b2b Solutions was originally contacted by an operator of multiple truck stops regarding an Operational Assessment. He then decided to utilize the services of a local consultant. However, six months later he engaged b2b Solutions because the locations were still unprofitable.