c-store case studies
Case Studies

Potential Investment Analysis

Potential Investment Analysis Case Studies

b2b Solutions works with Private Equity funds to provide operational due diligence regarding potential investment/acquisitions of convenience retail / petroleum marketing companies. 

Our c-store consultants analyze historic results on a store by store basis and corporate level to determine if there are variations that require further analysis. This includes an analysis of trends and benchmarking that data against industry standards. Based on this analysis we develop a questionnaire to complete with current management to ensure our client is presented with the best information available. b2b Solutions also evaluates if the stated synergies are logical and  achievable.

In addition, provide clients a review of the organizational strengths and weaknesses. This can include structural and/or personnel. Areas covered include, but are not limited to, organizational structures, current information systems, reporting formats, and scalability.

Our process also includes visiting all, or a representative sample, of the locations (depending on the number on stores involved). During these store inspections we benchmark current operational and marketing against industry best practices, investigate capex issues, and the locations are graded on several additional criteria. Photos are taken to document our findings. Clients are provided an in-depth report including our analysis, on site findings, and recommended next steps.

single site retailer looking to sell

Single Site Retailer Looking to Sell

b2b Solutions was retained by a limited partnership with no c-store experience to evaluate a location it owned in another state. The site’s management had turned over to a relative that lived there. The underlying goal was to determine what would be needed to put the business in saleable condition. Two of our c-store consultants were chosen to work on the project.

private equity fund analysis

Private Equity Fund

A private equity fund was investigating participation in an investment led by another fund. Post-acquisition the lead fund would merge those assets into its existing c-store company. b2b Solutions assigned three members of its c-store consulting team to work with the fund’s management.

c-store operational due diligence

Operational Due Diligence - Leading to Investment

A private equity firm was looking to invest in a chain seeking funds allowing it to grow, utilizing its unique positioning. The investment would not necessarily include changes in current management.

Operational Due Diligence - Leading to Purchase

Operational Due Diligence - Leading to Purchase

A private equity fund was investigating purchasing a company that included a jobbership and number of company sites and dealers sites. This was the first of a planned series of acquisitions that met their investment criteria.