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Case Studies

Primary Distributor Contract Evaluation

Primary Distributor Contract Evaluation Case Studies

b2b Solutions team brings a proven methodology to assist c-store retailers in making the correct decision for their company. Our primary distributor decision matrix has thirty-five (35) separate areas we review. Our c-store experts gather information on over 150 key data points on each potential supplier. 

In addition, b2b Solutions uses a comprehensive market basket approach analysis that is based on all the retailer’s historic purchases from its legacy distributor for no less than a trailing twelve-month period.

 Our analysis separates the distributors product mix into a minimum of three (3) categories – cigarettes, OTP, and all other goods. This allows our clients can see exactly where the differences are between their historic and potential future costs. This information, combined with our competive set matrix, provides clients a complete analysis of their alternatives for use in decision-making.

midwest c-store chain

Midwest Chain

A Midwest operator contacted b2b Solutions to assist in the evaluation of their current wholesaler’s renewal proposal. Because of their concern the process would distract the Director of Marketing from their other duties, the company engaged two members of our team of c-store consultants.

primary distributor evaluation b2b solutions

Florida Retailer

b2b Solutions was contacted by a Florida retailer who was seeking to evaluate several alternative primary distributors for their chain. Concerned that they did not have the internal expertise to conduct a Request for Proposal they engaged our team of c-store experts.