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Marketing Assessment

b2b Solutions Marketing Assessment will improve your marketing effectiveness

Analyze Marketing data and positioning.

On site analysis of your locations’ layouts and merchandising and customer communication.

Document findings and action steps to increase sales and GP$

Implementation (Optional)

Marketing Assessment

b2b Solutions is often contacted by c-store retailers when they are not achieving the Sales or Gross Profit Margin results they expect and unsure why or how best to improve.

b2b Solutions Marketing Assessment process was developed to determine the issues and document the actions steps to necessary to achieve increased sales and GP$ profitability. Areas covered include but are not limited to the following:

  • Marketing Strategy Assessment

  • Target Customer Review

  • Marketing Sales Analysis

  • Store Layout/ Strategic Category Placement

  • Inventory/SKU Rationalization

  • Days of Inventory on Hand (by Store/by Category) Analysis

  • Promotional Plans Analysis

  • Gross Margin Percentage and Dollar Analysis

  • Customer Communication Strategy/Tactics

  • Supply Chain Evaluation

  • Category Marketing Plans

  • Product Pricing Strategies

  • Category Correlation Analysis

  • Key Performance Indicator Development and Analysis

  • Ongoing Marketing Plan Monitoring and Guidance

Learn how b2b Solutions can improve your c-store’s sales and $Gross Profits.

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