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Robert O'Rear

Consulting Partner

Business History

A 40+ year veteran in retail and consumer goods sales. Background is driven by experience from training positions all the way through President and Ownership of his own organization. While the vast majority of the experience is within the wholesale beer business (35 years) the balance and strength offered with in this background is solid.


b2b SOLUTIONS, LLC, Lake Forest, Illinois
Full service consulting company for retailers and suppliers to retail firms.

Consulting Partner, 2007 – Present

      • Worked with several independent retailers and chains conduction beer strategy/tactical assessments
      • Developed category plans for retailers
      • Conducted numerous training programs to increase sales and profits


CLASSIC CITY BEVERAGES, INC., Athens, GA(1991 – 2004)
Coors, Multi-branded beer wholesaler

President and Owner
Purchased company in 1991 with a market share of eight (8)% and annual volume of approximately 950,000 cases. Sold business in 2004 with a market share of 18% and a volume of approximately 1.5 million cases.

      • Worked with all political efforts
      • Sat on Board of Directors of the Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association for 11 years
      • Worked with all suppliers and retailers to be assured of proper execution for success
      • Managed relationships with financial institutions dealing with both depository and credit relationships
      • Satisfied debt in 4 1/2 years (normally 7 year task)
      • Developed Human Resource Department
      • Developed employee benefit and insurance program
      • Developed and maintained working relationship with the Georgia Department of Revenue
      • Developed sales strategies, selling systems, warehouse floor plans, equipment needs, and personnel policies


General Manager of Convenience Stores (1989 – 1993)
After consulting for four months, appointed to accomplish major on-site development efforts for retail units combining traditional gasoline, convenience store items and food service.

      • Recruited a team of professionals from external and internal candidates to develop a new store design, information systems, method of operations and supporting infrastructure.
      • Directed the start-up of state-of-the-art convenience retail operation and the development and integration of the Point of Sale, Backroom, and Headquarters information systems.
      • Created, designed, and opened 12 state-of-the-art combination gasoline and convenience retail facilities in a three-year period that met or exceeded unit revenue projections of $3 million.
      • Developed the plan and integration of four (4) other business units into a single organization.


BUDWEISER OF GREENVILLE, Greenville, SC (1974 – 1991)
Anheuser – Busch Wholesaler.

Vice President and General Manager

      • Moved to General Manager position in Greenville as a minority stockholder in 1974
      • Inherited market share of 11% and volume of approximately 1 million cases
      • In 17 years raised market share to 62% and volume to 3.5 million cases
      • Recognized as wholesaler of the year by Anheuser-Busch
      • Sat on Board of Directors for of the South Carolina Beer Association for four (4) years
      • Held responsible and accountable for all sales and operational aspects of the business by the Board of Directors and Stockholders
      • Never had a negative sales or profit number in 17 years


E. & J. GALLO WINERY, INC., Modesto, CA (1967 – 1969)
Convenience retail company with 200 retail units in three states plus a dairy and distribution center.

Chain Headquarters Manager, Jacksonville, FL

      • Responsible for all chain supermarket and convenience store activity in the Southeast
      • Worked closely with local beer and wine wholesalers to insure continuity and success through efforts in the buyers’ office
      • Point efforts toward efficient distribution and competitive pricing driven by acceptable margin activity
      • Developed wholesaler needs for warehouse floor plans, equipment and personnel needs


LEVER BROTHERS COMPANY, New York, NY (1965 – 1967)

Sales Representative

      • Wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever, Inc., which at the time was the largest holding company in the world. They manufactured items such as Wisk detergent, All detergent, Surf detergent, Lipton tea, and far too many more to mention
      • Was transferred and promoted twice in three (3) years and was physically active in three (3) different geographies including Fayetteville, NC (6 to 9 months), Charleston, SC (1+ years), and Jacksonville, FL
      • Each territory became larger, more demanding and significant
      • Developed and managed cooperative advertising programs with all major retailers


Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Land Management, 1965
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

Professional Affiliations

South Carolina Petroleum Marketers Association

Georgia Association of Convenience Stores