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b2b Solutions c-store consultants have over 500+ years of real world, hands on experience. We have worked for or with retailers ranging from single site operators, small to regional chains, petroleum jobbers and the major oil companies. Our expertise includes strategy development and implementation, creation and execution of annual operational and marketing plans, category management, loss prevention, site selection and validation.

Operational Assessment

  • Strategy/Positioning

  • People and Organization

  • Facilities and Equipment

  • Information Systems

  • KPI and Scorekeeping Process

  • Store Layout / Strategic Category Placement

  • In-Store Merchandising

  • Operations

  • Marketing

  • SKU Rationalization / Inventory Management

  • Category Correlation Analysis

  • Bench Marketing Benchmarking

  • Customer Communication Strategy

  • Supply Chain Management

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Marketing Assessment

  • Current Marketing Data Analysis

  • Store Layout/ Strategic Category Placement

  • Inventory/SKU Rationalization

  • Days of Inventory On Hand (by Store/by Category) Analysis

  • Promotional Plans & Analysis

  • Customer Communication Strategy/Tactics

  • Supply Chain

  • Category Marketing Plans

  • Product Pricing Strategies

  • Category Correlation Analysis

  • Key Performance Indicator Development and Analysis

  • Marketing Strategy Assessment

  • Ongoing Marketing Plan Monitoring and Guidance

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Primary Distributor Evaluation

  • Selected Distributors Contacted

  • Decision Matrix with 35 Areas Reviewed

  • Data on 150+ key points Gathered

  • Distributor Responses Analyzed

  • Comprehensive Market Basket Developed

  • Other Funding Data Evaluated

  • In-Depth Analysis of Current and Future COGS

  • Analysis Documentation

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  • Assessment of Existing Programs

  • Development, Implementation of Proprietary Foodservice Concepts

  • Marketing/Category Strategy/Plan

  • FDA Menu Labeling Compliance

  • Layout and Production Flow Design

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C-Store Operations

  • Operational Process, Systems, and Execution Assessment

  • Operational Controls Development/Implementation

  • Current Labor Costs and Staff Standards Assessment

  • Staffing Guidelines and Controls Development

  • Labor Control Development/Implementation

  • Analysis of Current Shrink Controls, Processes, Tracking, and Results

  • Shrink Control Guidelines, Systems, and Process Development

  • Shrink Control Development/Implementation

Loss Prevention

  • Shortage Control - Cash and Merchandise Variation

  • Robbery, Violence Prevention and Training

  • Background Checks and Employee Screening

  • Store Specific Crime Solutions

  • Late Night Sales Ordinances and Law Enforcement Relations

  • Store Design, Layout and Parking Lot Lighting

  • Workers Comp and Employee Safety Programs

Information Systems

  • Existing Information Systems Analysis

  • Development and Analysis of RPI's and RFP's

  • Business and technical requirements documentation

  • Application design and development management

  • Project Management

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Human Resources

  • HR Audits

  • Policy/Procedure Review and Development

  • Reference Materials Development

  • Training Programs

  • Organizational Design

  • Employee Handbook Development

  • Staffing Effectiveness Audits and Programs

Beer Category Assessment

  • Sales and Margin Data Analysis

  • Strategy and Positioning Review

  • On-site Findings Documentation

  • Pricing Strategy Development

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Tobacco Category Assessment

  • Tobacco Contracts Review

  • Sales and Margin Data Analysis

  • Strategy and Positioning Assessment

  • On-site Practices and Procedures Critique

  • Pricing Strategy Development

  • Findings Documentation

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