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Tobacco Category Assessment

The Cigarette and Other Tobacco  Products categories can generate very significant sales and profits for convenience retailers. In its 2017 State of the Industry Report, the National Association of Convenience Stores stated tobacco sales (cigarettes and other tobacco products) averaged $661,540 and generated $100,425 in gross margin. When b2b Solutions is contacted by retailers we have found that performing a Tobacco Category Assessment (“TCA”) is the best course of action. b2b Solutions TCA process is outlined below.

Our knowledgable industry consultants will:

  • Analyze your existing sales and margin data
  • Request and analyze your existing tobacco contracts
  • Review your existing tobacco category strategy and positioning
  • Request and analyze your movement and cost data from you distributors

Our tobacco category specialist will:

  • Visit your location(s)
  • Meet with the appropriate personnel
  • Observe and critique current practices and procedures
  • Tour the competition in each selected location’s trading area

b2b Solutions will provide:

  • Report of on-site findings
  • Provide overall category layouts
  • Develop successful pricing strategies

b2b Solutions will work with you to:

  • Agree on roles and accountabilities
  • Develop detailed action plan and timetable
  • Work with you to ensure successful implement of the plan

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