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Category Management in Your C-Store

Small Store Training Program

b2b Solutions, LLC and Category Management Knowledge Group (CMKG) developed an On-Line Category Management Training Program specifically for c-store and small store retailers. The training will help Retailers move to a more strategic, fact-based approach in their business.

This unique, hands-on online training program provides a real-world experience targeted to small chains and store owners of convenience or small store formats. The training was developed by convenience store (known as small stores in some parts of the world) and certified category management professionals using CMKG’s certified training as a foundation.

Category Management Knowledge Group (CMKG) is a global training organization based in Canada, with training solutions accredited by the Category Management Association that meet or exceed accreditation standards across a full range of topics. Founded in 2002, CKMG provides industry-leading training to thousands of students worldwide, and has continued to forge new paths for category management training, with many industry “firsts”, including:

  • the 1st certified training company in the world!
  • the 1st retailer-certified training company in the world!
  • the 1st online category management training program in the world!
  • the 1st training company in the world with entire staff certified in category management by the CMA!

Key Learning Components

Our 11- module online program begins with an overview of retailer strategy and category management, with a focus on C-Stores.

Then it delves into what you need to do as a C-Store owner/operator to strategically set up your business through category roles and strategies assignments, understanding the data sources you have access to, analyzing your categories (including product assortment, placement, pricing and promotion) and developing a category plan.

At the end of the program you will have an action plan ready to implement in your store(s).

    Modules Included

    Each module includes 1) online video training, a hands-on workshop for an interactive learning experience; and 2) knowledge checks to confirm your understanding of the content. The program will take approximately 12 hours to complete.

    • Retailer Strategy in the Convenience Channel

    • Category Management in the Convenience Channel

    • Category Definition & Segmentation

    • Category Roles & Strategies

    • Understanding & Using Data

    • How to Read and Affect Your Income Statement

    • Category Assessment

    • Efficient Assortment Process & Analytics

    • Space Management

    • Pricing Strategy & Analytics

    • Promotion Strategy & Analytics

    Learning Objectives

    • To explain how Retailer strategy drives the overall category management process for C-Stores and create the overall retail strategy for your C-Store(s)

    • To list the steps of the category management process and explain how each step plays an important role for your C-Store(s)

    • To describe how categories are defined and segmented and determine the best approach for your C-Store(s) based on store characteristics

    • To assign category roles and strategies based on your target Shoppers and your most important categories

    • To understand the key category management data sources, including how they are used and where you can get access to them

    • To develop an understanding of your income statement and how your decisions affect sales, cost of goods sold and profit for your C-Store(s)

    • To develop the skills to analyze a category, interpret data and ask fact-based questions of your Suppliers

    • To make strategic decisions for your C-Store(s) as it relates to efficient assortment, space management, pricing and promotion

    What’s Included in the Online Training Program?

    • 12 months access to the program in Category Management Knowledge Group’s Online Training & Resource Center

    • A downloadable Resource Guide for you to review materials, take notes, complete workshops and develop your action plan

    • Printable certificate upon completion of program

    Visit CMKG's website to learn more about this unique category management training program!

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