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Validation Study Process

Retailers continue to move to more and more fact-based decision making. At the same time, they remain skeptical of research conducted by manufacturers and service providers. b2b Solutions offers a methodology to conduct the research and document the findings by an independent third party. Once the study is concluded, b2b Solutions also offers that same benefit when presenting the results at various trade meetings and in the trade press.

b2b Solutions is prepared to develop a customized study based on your specifications and needs at the appropriate time.

Our knowledgable industry consultants will:

  • Work With You To Gain An Understanding of The Product/Service/Program To Be Tested
  • Determine Test Objectives
  • Develop The Actual Validation Test Process
  • Determine The Number Of Locations To Be Included
  • Determine The Methodology To Gathering The Necessary Data
  • Develop Appropriate Materials

b2b Solutions will:

  • Define The Strategy For Approaching Potential Participants For The Project
  • Identify Potential Test Participants
  • Work With You To Solicit Participants
  • Facilitate The Meetings With The Targeted Companies
  • Work With You To Secure Agreements The Targeted Companies

b2b Solutions will:

  • Work With You On An On-Going Basis During The Test
  • Document The Learning Within Each Company
  • Share The Learning Among The Participating Companies
  • Assist Client In Interpreting The Results Of The Study
  • Work With You To Develop An Awareness Of Results Strategy